John is deeply involved with many ministries including Blessing Israeli Believers, Cops for Christ, and God’s Health System. Please take a minute to learn more about these ministries that are close to John’s heart.

Blessing Israeli Believers
John founded Blessing Israeli Believers in 2008 after recognizing the Biblical Mandate to Bless the Believers in the Land. His love for the Jewish people is profound and a product of the love of our Father demonstrated through the Jewish Messiah Jesus. John prays that the entire body of Messiah will participate in this apostolic, prophetic, end times ministry.

Cops for Christ
Cops For Christ is a ministry geared just for the police. CFC is aware of the special needs of the police officers and the stress created by the job. This ministry is geared to helping police officers deal with this stress through a personal relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ. He is the Shield of Faith.

God’s Health System
John is passionate about natural alternative health and advocates nutritional knowledge to support good health during the times in which we live.